Undoubtedly, Isa was holding a little dog in her arms, and it seemed to be a puppy. After giving a response that was fairly harsh because she was first bewildered, Silva eventually learned what had transpired.

Isa happened to be nearby when she saw a group of young boys kicking the dog as they were playing on the street. She made the decision to intervene and transport the dog to a secure location.

After hearing it, Silva decided to reconsider her position. “I’m very happy that she was able to rescue her,” she remarked. Because of the mistreatment, the puppy had had an injury to her skull, and Silva and Isa made haste to get her medical attention.

Since then, the puppy, which Isa and Silva now call Mel, has made a speedy and complete recovery at their house. Even though they now have numerous other rescue dogs, the friendship that has developed between Isa and Mel is unlike any other.

Isa is like a mother to Mel, and Mel is devoted to Isa. Silva remarked that Isa treats Mel like a daughter. “The very first thing that she does when she gets home from school is see little Mel. They are inseparable from one another.

Isa has been imbued with a sense of protectiveness and care for creatures in need since she was a little child, and at the present time, the prize for her open heart is visible in the form of every wag of Mel’s small story.

” I am proud [of Isa],” Silva stated. “It is our duty to show proper consideration for all living things. Their love is a precious gift.

By Elen

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