A courageous rescue dog has been “fostering” and taking care of stray animals despite the fact that he is battling heart cancer. Gypsy, a mixed breed of Border collie and Border collie, helps her owner Jo Yoli care for the stray kittens, bunnies, and puppies that she has taken in.

The mother dog, who is 11 years old, is kind and welcoming to all animals, even those with specific requirements, broken bones, and a history of being mistreated. Despite the fact that she has a number of medical difficulties, Gypsy never stops caring for them and continues to “wash and cuddle” them on a regular basis. Despite this, she continues to take them under her wing.

Vets Now deemed Gypsy to be a worthy runner-up for the Pet of the Year award, and she was given that accolade. After 10 years of semi-wild life on a farm with a group of other dogs, Gypsy was given a second chance at life when she was taken in by an animal sanctuary.

As Jo said, “She didn’t want to live inside and hadn’t been around people, so she was afraid at first.” Since she hadn’t been around humans before, she hadn’t been around anybody. But we became close very fast, and she soon revealed that she has such a kind and loving spirit and that she really loves all people.

“Before I had Gypsy, I was a foster parent, and once she was all settled in, I went back to fostering.” In general, I take in dogs who have special requirements, such as those with broken bones or those that have been mistreated, as well as a huge number of newborn orphan kittens that need to be hand-raised. Gypsy is overjoyed to see them all, but she is particularly excited to see the hand rears. She takes them under her wing and cares for them by changing their diapers, giving them baths, and giving them plenty of hugs.

It’s like having a warm blanket for them to wrap themselves in when they have some good fur to cuddle up in.

“I have to feed them once every two hours, and she constantly gets up and watches,” said the caregiver. If she could provide for their nutritional needs personally, she would do it.

“She is so kind that if I have foster bunnies, she will sit in the garden with them,” you might say about her.

The previous year, at a checkup that was regular for Gypsy, a lump that was located on her shoulder blade was examined, and it was determined that she had heart cancer. A CT scan revealed that the sarcoma had not migrated to other parts of her body, but that she did have another kind of tumor on her heart that was unconnected.

In order to cure Gypsy’s cancer and remove a piece of her shoulder blade, she had surgery in December of last year. She had radiation to treat the tumor on her heart, and she is also now taking anti-cancer medication.

She has made a good recovery, despite the fact that the shoulder surgery has left her with a little limp in her leg. As soon as she arrived home, she immediately went back to taking care of the infants and toddlers. “Kitten season is in full swing, and I’ve already given her a couple to care for, and there will be lots more arriving soon,” Jo adds.

When I was playing a video of a friend’s foster kitten the other day, I saw that she was looking at the screen, perplexed as to why the kitty wasn’t present.

“She was born to care for other animals, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she received the Vets Now Pet of the Year award,” the author says.

“After a traumatic two years, we wanted to highlight the essential role pets have played for so many families and individuals across the UK,” said Dave Leicester, who leads a team of expert vets at the Video Vets Now service. “After a traumatic two years, we wanted to highlight the essential role pets have played for so many families and individuals across the UK.”

“This is an occasion to showcase dogs that have overcome injuries or other hurdles to offer their owners with constant comfort and support,” the organizers said in a statement.

A total of almost sixty Veterans In today’s world, veterinary hospitals, and clinics are open nonstop, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, as well as all day and night on weekends, in order to handle any pet emergency that may occur.

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