When several people out bushwalking in Queensland came discovered a dog suffering in a rock pool, they realized they had to save it as soon as possible since the Australian outback is a hard environment.

During their stroll at Mount Glorious National Park, a Reddit member named Dangerm0use, together with her husband and her father, came across a dog who seemed to be exhausted. They started working despite the fact that they had no idea how long the dog had been in the water, where it had come from, or even whether it was friendly.

We were unable to risk leaving it in the icy water under any circumstances. “It was completely spent from its attempts to claw its way out of the deep hole it had dug for itself, and there was no way it would have made it through the night,” the lady wrote. “There was no way it would have made it through the night.”

A loop of rope was placed around the dog’s head and shoulders, and the hikers used the longest stick they could locate to haul the dog up a rock incline using the rope.

She said that the dog was not aggressive in any way and instead lumbered away from us, up the bank, and into the dense lantana near the lake. “If she had been someone’s cat, we reasoned that if she had been abandoned or lost, she may have been someone else’s cat.”

Although the dog expressed that she did not want to be a part of the gang, they were unable to abandon her.

“She was in an uncomfortable part of the bush, in a valley with a cliff face on one side and hectares of the national park on the other, and a scrubby, rocky, and unscaleable bank up to a busy road.” “She was in an unfriendly part of the wilderness. “There were also no homes within a 5-kilometer radius, and there was no simple way for her to get out of the gully on her own,” she continued. “There was also no one around to help her.” When we watched her chubby little rump go into the lantana, we had no choice but to plunge in after her since we had no other option.

They made an effort to comfort the dog and give her time to gather her composure and strength. More than just motivation is going to be required of him in order to save this 88-pound dog from the ravine.

She gave off an exhausted and disheartened appearance. I plucked the lantana away from her nest, and then I stepped in a little closer to her so that she might get used to us being there. I decided to take a chance and touch her on the head despite the fact that she was still suspicious but not hostile. “as a treat, she gave me a lick on the hand,” the lady who penned the passage said. “Despite the fact that it was evident that we had been camping there for at least a few days, we saw that our small buddy had a lot of bulk, which led us to give her the name Miss Piggy. ” While we were coming up with a plan to free Miss Piggy from her confinement, we used the opportunity to get to know her better.

They were able to bring Miss Piggy out of the hole by fashioning a harness consisting of a sturdy rope and a few slip knots, which let them climb over the loose boulders and vegetation.

“The adorable baby wriggled her way over to me and laid her head on my calf as a sign of her appreciation for the patience that we had shown her and her parents. “At this time, I didn’t want to go too near to her, but she granted me permission to give her a consoling embrace,” the lady who wrote the letter said. “I didn’t want to get too close to her at this point.”

It was becoming abundantly evident that she would not be able to make it up the bank unless we took her, so we began debating the possibility of constructing a harness and a hammock out of towels and robes. When my husband recalled that we had a large canvas bag in the trunk of our vehicle, he suddenly had an aha! moment (15 mins walk back up the creek). We reasoned that if we were able to get her into the bag, we could rig up a way to get her out of there using MacGyver.

The woman’s brother and father were able to rescue Miss Piggy from the ravine and bring her back to the safe area. They did this by tying a huge branch to the canvas bag that contained Miss Piggy. It took less than half an hour to make the vertical ascent of 3 meters to reach the neighboring roadway.

Around 15 kilometers to the north of where the dog was found, her owner was only holding out hope that the dog would be found alive.

The dog, whose true name is Elly Bobby, was reported missing on June 30, and it wasn’t until July 23 that it was located. The hikers were completely unaware of what she had been doing over that period of time.

“Her condition was amazingly good for a dog who had been without a home for over a month,” the veterinarian said. The lady who sent the letter said that “we still have no clue how she got there in such a remote region of the forest,” adding that the woman showed “no evident evidence of injuries” and “just the most basic indicators of exposure.” “We came to the conclusion that she had either been abducted and subsequently discarded or that she had found a temporary home but had then abandoned it. Regardless of the details, it doesn’t matter because what matters most is that we were able to provide a helping hand when she needed it the most.

The owner of Bobby had never given up hope that she would come back, and she had begun a massive campaign on Facebook and with community posters in the hopes of finding her. The two people, along with the many others who had been following the story, were happy to find out that they could finally be together again. The picture diary that Dangerm0use kept became popular when she submitted it to Reddit. Since then, it has been seen more than 500,000 times on that website.

She said that regardless of the circumstances surrounding the event, they were thankful to be in the right location at the right time to be able to help the woman.

It is always difficult to lose a pet; yet, there is nothing quite like the feeling of watching those joyous tails wag their way back home.

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