When they have to visit the vet, no animal enjoys the experience. This is especially true for cats. Because of this, their owners use a variety of strategies in order to keep them calm when visiting the vet. Samantha Smart became skilled in a new method in the most adorable manner imaginable.

A family pet cat was something that Samantha and her family already had. They weren’t really looking to add another kitten, but when a stray cat named Ponyo showed up in their neighborhood, he won over their hearts and they couldn’t help but take him home. It was evident that the teeny-tiny cat was searching for assistance when it ventured near to the family’s condo in Florida. After a fierce battle, Samantha and a few of her closest neighbors were able to capture him, and they ultimately made the decision to take him in. He was much too adorable to be left on the sidewalk. Ponyo’s closest friend, Samantha’s kid, was given a stuffed dragon as a gift from Samantha, so that the transmission would go more smoothly.

Ponyo slept with his new companion for the first time the night after they met, and then for every night after that. After some time had passed, it was finally time to get him neutered. And what was the feline patient like on his very first visit to the veterinarian? Naturally, he brought his best friend, a dragon.

The staff and volunteers at the Operation Catnip shelter have seen how connected Ponyo and the dragon are. They made sure that both of them were always in the same place. Everything worked out well. Samantha and her family think that the dragon had a significant impact on Ponyo’s positive health and disposition, and they credit the dragon with most of the credit.

Take a look at these pictures that were taken of Ponyo and his friend at the vet:

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