It’s only natural that some kittens may go to whatever means necessary in order to get the attention of prospective new owners. Recently, a timid orange tabby kitten was brought to the IndyHumane shelter in Indianapolis, and at first it didn’t want to interact with anybody there. The kitty was terrified of contact and would hiss at anybody who got close to her, so she hid behind some blankets.

Jennifer, a foster volunteer working at the facility, made the decision to assist the little man in breaking out of his shell. She gave him the name Butterball and decided to take care of him at her house. Due to the fact that she is aware of how terrified he is, she created a special space specifically for him, complete with a comfortable bed and a number of toys. She also provided Butterball with food and water, and it took a few hours for him to get comfortable in his new surroundings.

Every day, with Jennifer’s assistance, he was able to make more headway. Within a week, the kitten went from being irritable and nervous to being active and playful. It is evident that he has never interacted with other people, but with Jennifer’s assistance, he revealed his genuine nature for the first time.

Now, he follows his mother wherever she goes and purrs contentedly on her lap all day long. He roars in the funniest manner imaginable when playing with Jennifer and his toys, and he enjoys it very much. The kitten has a few minor health problems that need to be resolved before he may meet the other cats that live in the house, but these problems aren’t significant at all. He is already quite excited about the prospect of meeting them, and after that, he will be made available for adoption.

Because he has such a charming roar, we have no doubt that he will find a forever home quickly.

By Elen

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