When Jefferson was making his way through the lunch line with his platter of cheesy breadsticks and a side of sauce, everything began to go wrong. In recent months, Jefferson Sharpnack and his two brothers had made the trip to Ohio, where their grandmother, Diane, was living.

The three boys are participating in the school’s program that offers free and reduced-cost lunches. It was Jefferson’s ninth birthday, and he was looking forward to celebrating it with his friends at school. However, on the day of his birthday, Jefferson returned home sad and ashamed, and he informed Diane that he was having the “worst birthday ever.”

After that, he gave his grandma a letter that had been sent home from the school and explained what had occurred over lunch a few hours earlier.

When Jefferson passed through the lunch line with a dish of cheesy breadsticks and a side of sauce, everything gets underway as it was destined to. And the situation culminated with the little boy’s humiliation at the hands of the cafeteria workers in front of the other students. After hearing what he had to say, Diane was so furious that she immediately phoned the school to demand answers…

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By Elen

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