During their visit to her company in Orlando more than a year ago, the manager of a restaurant called 911 to report a possible case of child ab use committed by the kid’s stepfather.

On June 6, charges of ab use and neglect were brought against the suspect, identified as Timothy Lee Wilson II, who is 36 years old. This summer is when he is scheduled to get his punishment.

Flavaine Carvalho, who owns and operates the Mrs. Potato Restaurant on South Kirkman Road, was working that day in 2021 when he served Wilson, his 11-year-old stepson, and his mother. While the adults ordered food for themselves, the boy was not given any. Carvalho noticed this while he was serving them.

When Carvalho inquired as to if there was an issue with the food, Wilson responds by saying that the youngster would have supper at his house later on that evening.

Carvalho said this at a recent press conference. “I could tell he had a significant cut between his eyebrows,” Carvalho remarked. A few minutes later, I saw he had a black eye and a br uise on the side of his eye. Consequently, I had the impression that something major was off.”

In her follow-up statement, she said, “I could not watch the youngster moving away without any assistance.”

The manager took the effort to reach out to the employee by writing a message that said, “Do you need help? OK,” and then she presented it to him in a subtle manner while remaining hidden behind the parents so that they wouldn’t notice it.

The first time she gave him the message, he refused to look at it, but when she presented it to him again, he nodded in agreement. Carvalho dialed 911 and provided the following information to the operator:

“I’m quite worried, and I have no idea what to do; could you perhaps provide some guidance to me? What am I able to do?… The youngster has been injured, and he is not eating or drinking anything. The others are in the process of eating.

When the police came, Wilson and the child’s mother, Kristen Swann, who is 31 years old, were taken into custody.

According to the Orlando Police Department, Wilson was found guilty on all charges on Monday, including one count of child neglect, two counts of false imprisonment of a child under the age of 13, three counts of aggravated child ab use with a weapon, four counts of aggravated child abu se, and one count of child abu se.

After Swann admitted to the authorities that she was aware of the ab use but chose not to interfere, she was charged with two charges of neglect of a child.

When the child was examined at the hospital, it was discovered that he had several bruises all over his face and limbs and that he weighed 20 pounds less than he should have for his age. He had been tied up with ratchet straps around his ankles and neck, hanged upside down from a door, and be aten with a wooden brush, according to the police. He had also been exposed to various forms of violence. In addition to that, he was bea ten if he was unable to maintain the plank position for as long as thirty minutes.

The police described the experiences that the youngster had been through as being equivalent to torture. When you see what that little boy, just 11, had to go through, it shakes your whole being.

The boy’s younger sister, who was just 4 years old, was also taken away from the household. According to Fox News’s reporting, both children are now in the care of the Department of Children and Families in the state of Florida. According to reports, Carvalho continues to communicate with the child.

In the meanwhile, the authorities praised her for her courageous actions. They remarked, “That young child would definitely not be with us for much longer if it weren’t for Ms. Carvalho saying anything when she noticed it.”

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