A young lady said that she needed to do “a task for college,” so she requested the young man’s grandparents to enter their names on a page. She tattooed them, and as she was showing them to him, she videotaped the old couple’s touching response to the tattoos.

Agustina stated on Twitter that she had requested her grandparents to write their names “for a practical assignment at the university,” but in truth, she intended for those names to be tattooed on her body.

I also heard that he went on a date with a Spaniard and they ended up having a heated argument about how Columbus was not the one who discovered America.

In addition to a captivating film that was instantly shared all over the internet, he demonstrated the whole procedure and noted, “His response is something I will remember forever.”

When the girl handed her grandpa a pen and paper to write on, she said to him, “It’s for the university, so put some effort into it.” After that, she handed him the pen. After the male had completed what he needed to do, it was the woman’s time.

The next day, the young lady went back to the residence, where she showed them what changes had been made and discussed how they had reacted to seeing her.

Do you recall that you gave me your name so that I could use it in the faculty directory? The young lady informed him, “Look, it’s what you did yesterday,” while pointing to the spot on his body where the tattoo had been created.

I also read about the strategy that a mother came up with to accompany her son on the way to the graduation ceremony.

It took the guy a few seconds to process what he had just said before he finally did. Agustina questioned her grandpa with the following: “Marcos says there, grandfather, with your handwriting, do you like it?” At that very time, the guy suddenly started crying, and both of them pulled each other into an intense hug.

The grandmother, who was in the kitchen at the time, was startled by her granddaughter when she informed her about the tattoos. When her granddaughter questioned her when they were hugging, “How can I not enjoy it?” she said, “How can I not like it?”

Marcos asked Agustina, “How long does it last you?” and when she told him it was forever, he fell into tears once again. Agustina’s response caused Marcos to cry even more.

The video gained more than 23,000 likes and 1,500 retweets after it went viral on Twitter. The post was flooded with comments from people stating how delighted they were to see the film, some remarking how much they missed their grandparents, and others sharing their own tattoos with the community. Additionally, there were memes.

A young lady surprised her grandparents by showing them that she had tattooed their names, and the touching response quickly went viral online.

One person posted, “I can’t wait to see my grandparents again,” and another user responded, “I’m like this,” accompanied with a meme depicting a young lady sobbing while holding her mobile phone in her hand.

Even Alberto Samid participated in the conversation by praising the young lady for her kind gift. Someone once wrote, “You are a sensation, girl.”

“You made me weep. Another person said, “I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to you from the bottom of my heart for bringing joy to your grandparents.”

A young lady surprised her grandparents by showing them that she had tattooed their names, and the touching response quickly went viral online.

There were also those who discussed the tattoos they now sported. “I also have a tattoo of my grandfather’s, but she has never seen it,” I said. “I did it to remember her and to take her with me always,” said a young lady next to a picture of her tattoo as she explained its significance.

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