When the owner of this elderly dog came to the conclusion that caring for him was not worth his time, he left him in the wet parking lot of a church. He was ill, blind, and hysterical all at the same time. The dog was unable to observe what was going on around him and did not comprehend the reason he was left there. During the tremendous storm, he was discovered laying on the pavement where he had been till someone arrived to the parking lot and found him.

The local emergency services in Houston, Texas, were quickly sent when the Good Samaritan who found the victim phoned them. The unfortunate puppy, who they called Lucy, was in a terrible state when the rescuers found her and brought her to safety. Because of the illness, her eyes were brimming with tears, and the virus had exposed every bone in her body. An aging dog deserves to spend her days feeling appreciated, but instead Lucy felt like a burden.

After being picked up, Lucy was brought to a veterinary facility where it was determined that she required palliative care. As her condition continues to worsen, it will only be required to seek medical assistance in order to ensure that she maintains her health. In addition to that, the veterinarian found out that she had diabetes. Those who came to Lucy’s aid wept as they expressed their regret at not being able to save her sooner. But at least she won’t have to worry about her living conditions or the quality of the care she receives from here on out.

The rescue squad went up to a lady they believed could be suitable for Lucy and asked her out. She had previous experience working in palliative care, and she was eager to provide Lucy with a loving family. The lady paid a visit to Lucy at the animal hospital and made it official that she would adopt Lucy. She wanted Lucy to be able to spend the rest of her life with her new family.

Lucy’s body began to shake violently. The veterinarian took care to ensure that she was content in this condition. She could no longer walk on her own, but her mother and her new human companions made sure that she could still enjoy the warm days by lying on the grass and taking in the sunshine.

The courageous canine was given a few more weeks of life in a household filled with love. It’s possible that in those few weeks, she smiled more than she ever had in her whole life combined. Lucy was able to find comfort in the knowledge that she departed this world knowing that she was desired and loved, despite the fact that her new family grieved and missed her when she had finally crossed the rainbow bridge. She passed away with honor despite her owner’s decision to keep her in the home she had always called her own.

By Elen

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