Julie Elrod understood that in order to help her older dog Beanie adapt to her new home when she acquired her, she would need to exercise some tender loving care (TLC). Beanie is both blind and deaf.

Beanie was saved from a “horrific” circumstance when she was 11 years old.

Consequently, she was unaccustomed to being in the company of individuals who were as loving as Elrod. Or being touched. Poor Beanie also wasn’t housebroken and didn’t want to eat.

Elrod had a significant amount of work ahead of him. Beanie needed to learn how to love, but how could she teach him? No matter what she did, it had to be something that brought pleasure and connection to others.

After that, she made the decision to dance.

According to what Elrod shared with The Dodo, “I have been dancing with Beanie every single day since we rescued her from Rescue Dogs Rock in 2018.” Because she cannot see or hear, the only way I can interact with her is via touch.

Before Beanie became used to the benefits of her dancing treatment, she would get fearful whenever Elrod attempted to pat her. Beanie seemed most comfortable when she was left alone. Therefore, Elrod was forced to pull out all the stops in the love department.

“Right now, every day, I hug her close and conduct what’s called “slow dance therapy,” which involves swaying back and forth. “I also sing to her, even though she is unable to hear me,” added Elrod, who was holding the baby.

Beanie has been residing in her new house for a number of years at this point.

Therefore, she has lots of experience with love training. It’s almost as if she’s a different dog altogether now.

Elrod said that “she now trusts me entirely,” as a result of which “she relaxes completely and melts into my body while we slow dance.” “It doesn’t matter what appointments I have or who I’m meant to see; I always find time to slow dance with my very closest friend and the person I believe to be my soulmate.”

Beanie has been able to have a connection with everyone around her because to Elrod’s commitment, which has made this possibility available to her.

According to Elrod, “She did not know how to give or receive love, and it was very evident that she was not interested in any way in learning about love.” “She was completely oblivious to the housebreaking process. Due to the fact that she did not like eating, we are still need to feed her by hand.

And Beanie is kind enough to repay the favor.

Elrod said, “She demonstrates to me, in a variety of ways, that she loves me.” “And she spends the vast majority of her time being held by me. She follows me around wherever I go.

On the other hand, Elrod claims that Beanie was the one who brought about the positive changes in her life, rather than the other way around.

Elrod is quoted as saying, “Being Beanie’s mom is the best thing that ever happened to me.” “I adore and adore her without conditions and without limit. Beanie is my perfect canine companion, and I give thanks to God for each and every moment I get to spend with her. There is no amount of time that I could ever spend with her that would be sufficient.

Beanie is one of the several canines with particular requirements that Elrod and her husband take care of together. They care for dogs with specific needs in a refuge that they operate.

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