Everyone at the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas was taken aback when a little kitten named Comet was brought in. They realized that they had succeeded in obtaining a rare calico cat, which elevated him to the status of the “unicorn of cats.” However, why was the cat so hard to find?

The reason for this was due to the fact that calico cats are almost always females, with just one male calico cat in every three thousand. Therefore, Comet was an extremely unique kitten that he had not yet identified.

The tricolor hair that calico cats have sets them apart from other types of cats. The presence of two X chromosomes is said to be the reason of the unique coating, as stated by the ASPCA. The X chromosomes are responsible for determining the gender of cats, which is nearly always a female.

The Animal Foundation published some encouraging updates regarding Comet not long after he was brought to the shelter. The one-of-a-kind kitten was lucky enough to find a loving home, and he is currently leading a happy life there.

By Elen

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