Even though it’s common knowledge that dogs are man’s best friend, there are still plenty of individuals who disagree. There are still a great number of dogs in the area who are subjected to inhumane treatment on a daily and hourly basis. There are some individuals in our world who aren’t really concerned about others, and the significant things they accomplish could be extremely wonderful – but not in a positive sense.

Thankfully, our world is still home to some very remarkable individuals who have a heart of gold. Right after Dog Rescue Shelter Mladeno

It seemed as if the tiny dog and her puppies had been cruelly abandoned on the side of the road a couple of days ago. There were several individuals who tried to assist, but the dog’s mother refused any kind of food that was offered to her; in fact, she hissed at the people who tried to aid her. Evidently, the dog was still sitting about waiting for her master, who had not yet returned.

The unfortunate dog’s plans did not materialize as smoothly as he had anticipated they would. She refused to move from her position for many days, but her master did not come back for her.

When the people that came to help arrived, the situation had already progressed significantly. The dog’s mother seemed to be feeling a little down. She acknowledged the kindness of the people who came to her rescue and even ate some food. It’s possible that she was aware of the fact that she had been utterly forgotten about. It’s possible that she gave up waiting for him.

“She was so heartbroken … A young woman was left with her infants by the side of the road, and she did not move for many days after being left there with them. The anguish she endured broke our hearts. Some individuals are really horrible,” Dog Rescue Sanctuary Mladenovac composed on YouTube.

After giving the mother some food, the rescuers resumed their search and discovered a total of three puppies, all of them still had their eyes closed. Before departing, the crew made careful to search around the area one more time to check that there was not another dog that had been abandoned there.

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