When her neighbors in India sought out to Animal Aid Unlimited for assistance, Sparkle the puppy did not have a very good chance of surviving. The stray dog was found laying still in the mud on the street. However, when they got closer to assist him, he waggled his tail excitedly.

When we first spotted this underweight dog it appeared like he had been struck by a vehicle, but then his neighbors informed us that he had stopped eating and suddenly was unable to stand.” This was written by Animal Aid Unlimited.

Sparkle was carefully lifted up by the rescuers, and they transported him to the hospital.

We suspected that he had canine distemper based on his nasal discharge, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. Canine distemper is a virus that may be lethal and for which there is no effective therapy. We decided to give him preventative antibiotics since people who suffer from distemper often go on to acquire what is known as secondary pneumonia. We were relieved to see that he started eating within the first day.

Sparkle, though, was interested in more than simply her meals.

Because he was so sensitive, it seemed as if love was just as vital to him as the actual food that he consumed, and we questioned whether or not his health could have healed without it. He was unable to stand for a number of days, and when he finally could, it seemed like he was being driven by his need to show love.

He musters all of his power to make the sprint to his saviors in order to get embraces and praise from them.

The bravery that Sparkle displays is quite moving to see. And wait till you meet him a few weeks after he was rescued before making any judgments about him. The dog is missing both of its rear legs, and it bounces about in search of food. Why does no one feel sorry for him?

By Elen

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