The dog has been without food for quite some time now. People were moved by the pitiful image of a dog having to beg for food on the street while in a state of having its rear legs amputated. A lot of people are wondering: where did this petty Rassian dog come from?

People in Thailand responded to the plight of a stray dog by giving it food after it was seen on the street begging for it. The dog was emaciated and boneless, and both of his rear legs had been amputated. His whole body seemed to have been stripped of its skin, as if it had just been through a fire, which caused viewers to feel sorry for him.

It would seem that the dog has been abstaining from food for quite some time, as shown by the fact that the dog devoured the meal with gusto. When a person with sad eyes sometimes looks directly into the camera, it might make the audience feel quite sad. despite the fact that he was missing both of his rear legs, the dog was still able to stand steadily on the other two legs.

By Elen

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