The hero of our tale was forced to endure the harsh realities of life on the street and endured a great deal of suffering up to the point when he was saved by an organization called Band for Animal. The dog was saved after being abandoned in South Korea. Then they decided to call him Toby.

Soon Hoang’s family expressed interest in providing foster care for Toby. Ann Hoang’s husband disagreed with her opinion that they did not need a second dog since they were content with their current situation, which included their first dog Charlie. Despite this, Ann was adamant, and Hoangs made the decision to test it out.

From the moment he joined, Toby quickly established himself as everyone’s favorite new addition to the family. Even Charlie was able to form a strong attachment to him very quickly, and soon they were inseparable. Ann was aware of the fact that her family intended to adopt the dog in the event that someone else had not already done so before them. Therefore, she dialed the number for the shelter and informed them that they would be adopting Toby. On the other hand, she kept everything a secret from her husband so that she could throw him a surprise party.

Therefore, when the police and the staff arrived to the house for the home inspection, they claimed to be Toby’s new adoptive parents. This was upsetting for Ann’s husband, which led to him feeling quite anxious about the situation. However, not long after that, the staff presented him with a document in which it was made very evident that the Hoang family was the legitimate proprietors of Toby. At the height of these feelings, the guy found that he was unable to control his tears and began to weep. The whole of the crew sobbed tears of joy with him and sent their best wishes to the happy couple and their adorable new companion.

By Elen

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