People who rescued animals from the horrible existence on the street won’t be forgotten by the animals.

Chunk had a lot of difficulty getting started in the beginning. She was left there and then tied to a nearby tree. Fortunately, a crew of Sacramento firemen saw her and quickly responded in order to save the dog.

Even though the firefighters were really helpful rescues, they were not veterinarians, and the dog required a checkup as soon as possible. Therefore, the person who came to her aid drove her to the Front Road Animal Sanctuary, where the staff took care of her and put a shirt on her so that she would be pleasant and toasty while she waits for her hair to grow back.

The next day, when Chunk saw the person who had saved her, she was overcome with emotion and jumped all over him. The dog became too eager and began to kiss the helpful fireman. The kind guy made the decision to adopt her.

In addition, the family was so enthusiastic about providing this dog with a permanent home that they were willing to hold off for a period of four months in order to ensure that the dog would be cared for appropriately.

By Elen

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