You are about to meet Duchess, a beautiful Siamese cat that had a difficult start to her existence. She was discovered wandering the streets with a fractured jaw, the result of having been struck by a vehicle. She was taken to the Adobe Animal Hospital and Clinic in Texas by those who rescued her, and there she received the therapy and medical care that she so sorely need. Thank goodness for that!

The force of the hit from the automobile shattered her jaw, and given the state she was in, the decision to euthanize her would have been made in the majority of other areas. An employee at the animal hospital named Crystal Tate shared her thoughts. The medical personnel at the hospital, on the other hand, did not lose up on her and were able to reconstruct her jaw.

In spite of the fact that Duchess’s operation had been a success, she would never be able to eat normally again since her jaw had been broken into many pieces and she was missing most of her teeth. After the operation, she continued to recuperate at the facility for the following month. She had to take a variety of medicines and eat via a feeding tube in order to manage her condition.

Despite all that had happened, Crystal fell in love with Duchess and wanted to find a home for her that would be hers forever. When the physicians asked me if I could give her a home a few weeks later, I knew instantly that we were destined to be in one other’s life. “Every day, I would spend time with her, caressing her, and chatting to her.”

At Crystal’s house, Duchess now lives with her new family, which consists of a Siberian Husky called Joshua, a cat named Oliver, and a bichon named Peaches. Oliver is also Duchess’s brother. She is so grateful to have a family that she tries to spend as much of each day as she can with them, playing.

After all that she’s gone through, it’s good that Duchess has finally found a home that will be hers forever. Even though Duchess required a few more medical operations after arriving at Crystal’s house, she has been growing stronger every day since she is aware that she has a family that loves and cares for her.

By Anna

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