Jeff Bridges is one of the most well-known actors in American cinema, and he is renowned for his ability to play a wide variety of roles. The legend has amassed a plethora of honors over the course of his extraordinary career in Hollywood, which has spanned more than seven decades, and he has been in a number of films.

There are plenty of them, but some of them are “The Big Lebowski,” “Iron Man,” “Tron: Legacy,” and “King Kong.” Bridges is more than just a movie star, which is an interesting fact to learn about him. Additionally, the actor is known for being a doting and devoted husband to his wife of many years, Susan Geston.

Bridges and Geston have been together since 1977 and have had a very long and happy marriage despite the fact that the world as a whole and Hollywood, in particular, are rife with tales of broken marriages. The first time that the pair crossed paths was in 1975, while Bridges was working on the set of “Rancho Deluxe” in Montana.

The actor was in the middle of filming a scene at a location known as Chico Hot Springs when he caught his first glimpse of the lady of his dreams, and it was instantaneous love. In his memory, Bridges said:

“I was unable to tear my eyes away from her. In addition to her stunning appearance, she had two dark eyes and a damaged nose that had just been repaired (from a car accident, I later learned.) Something about her appearance, both beautiful and disfigured, held my attention.”

After work, the actor went up to Geston and asked her out on a date, but it turned out that their feelings for one other were not reciprocated. She declined his offer, and when Bridges made the inquiry once again, she continued to provide a negative response.

It was a stroke of good luck for the actor when he ran across Geston once again; this time, the two of them would start their adventure together as lovers.

After their first encounter, Bridges and his wife did, in fact, run into each other again at some point in the future. On the occasion of their second get-together, they let loose and danced the night away; it did not take the actor very long to develop feelings for the woman.

The couple who had fallen in love went on their first formal date the day after. Geston was asked by Bridges to accompany him on a property viewing appointment that he had set up with a local real estate agent.

The two were taking a look at a ranch home on the river as they strolled about, and as they were doing so, Bridges was thinking a lot of things.

He had the impression that he was going out on a date with the woman who would become his wife, but at the same time, he was terrified of making a commitment. To quote him directly:

“I couldn’t stand to lose the love of my life, but at the same time, I was terrified to say, “This is the one!” I couldn’t bear to lose the love of my life because I couldn’t bear to lose the love of my life. I was head over heels in love.”

Before ultimately asking Geston for her hand in marriage, Bridges spent the last two years battling the anxieties and ideas that plagued him.

In an interview in 2015, the actor said that Geston had threatened to quit as a result of his hesitancy, and he blamed it on him.

He came to the conclusion that he could not live without being with the lady of his dreams, and as a result, he had no choice but to pop the question.

Even though the actor battled with his fear of commitment, he was reassured that he could always obtain a divorce if the marriage did not work out. Despite his struggles, the actor eventually got married.

A few days after he proposed to Geston and asked her to marry him, Bridges and his leading lady sent out invitations to their wedding to their mutual friends and family.

The wedding took place in June of 1977, and not too much time thereafter, the couple started a family of their own. Isabelle Bridges, Jessica Lily Bridges, and Haley Roselouise Bridges are the names of the three beautiful girls that the actor and his wife were blessed with.

For a guy who struggled with anxiety over commitment, Jeff has done very well in the institution of marriage. It turned out that being married to Geston was the finest choice he could have made, as the actor has repeatedly shown how much he is still over heels in love with his wife.

For instance, in 1987, Jeff was filming “Rancho Deluxe,” and one of the crew members sent him a message while they were working together on set. The actor also got two photographs of Jeff asking Geston out when they first met, which were included with the message he received.

The photographs had a significant amount of significance for the actor, and in an interview that he gave to OWN in 2015, he disclosed that he had been in possession of the photographs ever since that day. Jeff said:

“I have them on me right now; I consider them to be some of my most valued things. To possess photographs, what are the chances of it happening?”

Then he pulled out one of the photographs and displayed it to the camera. It was a picture of Geston, and as he did so, Jeff questioned him with a grin on his face:

“Isn’t she just stunning?”

In June of 2022, Jeff and Geston will celebrate 45 years of wedded bliss, and Jeff could not be more thankful to have his lady by his side for all of those years.

Geston is not only a kind and attentive wife, but she is also a pillar of strength for her husband. The actor previously gave an interview in which he discussed his wife and how much of a gift she is to him.

Jeff claims that Geston is the one who encourages him to undermine his own success. For instance, the actor’s wife is always there for him anytime he is hesitant about participating in a new production.

She brings up the fact that whenever she challenges him to try anything new, he always responds with dread. In that particular scenario, Jeff acknowledges that Geston’s comments are accurate and chooses to disregard his worry. Once, Jeff pointed out:

Because we have been working together for such a long time and because we care so deeply for each other, our connection is the most valuable thing for both of us.

The Hollywood star is of the opinion that individuals will not be able to appreciate the “richness” of long-term relationships as much if they keep switching partners every time the going gets difficult or if there is even a little dissatisfaction.

The fact that Geston has always been there for Jeff, regardless of the challenges they face, causes him to love her even more. The actor who played Kong in “King Kong” believes that having a divorce is not a viable choice.

Jeff is of the opinion that each time a couple is faced with adversity in their relationship, it is an opportunity for them to get closer to one another and develop a deeper understanding of one another.

In the meanwhile, Geston may be famous for being the lady who won Jeff’s heart, but many aspects of her life remain a mystery.

Geston was born in 1953 and reared in Fargo, which is located in the state of North Dakota. He is also a producer, and his credits include “Forbidden Zone,” “Stay Hungry,” and “Cold Feet,” among many more.

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