Kathie Lee Gifford was in a happy marriage to her second husband, Frank Gifford, for the time they were together. Although they enjoyed a wonderful connection with one another, the couple’s partnership was not without its ups and downs.

When the former co-host of “Today” and her husband first met on the set of a morning news program, they hit it off instantly and have been together ever since. In the middle of the 1980s, Kathie Lee and the late television sports announcer began a romantic relationship.

The television star recently admitted to her former co-host Hoda Kotb that during one of their first moments together, she “kind of” fell in love with Frank. This confession took place many years ago. The month of October 1986 marked the couple’s wedding.

When Kathie Lee wed the sports commentator who was 23 years her senior, she didn’t anticipate having any children with him at the time. She got married later in life, and Frank didn’t want any more kids after having three with his ex-wife, Maxine Ewart, so they didn’t have any.

In spite of this, he eventually changed his mind, and in March of 1990, he and Kathie Lee Gifford became parents to their first child, a boy named Cody Newton Gifford. Frank had a lot of fun being a father for the second time later in life, and it wasn’t long before he recommended they have another kid.

The celebrity wanted his kid to have a younger sibling and explained his change of heart to Kathie Lee by saying, “It’s the same way his heart melted the first time because he loved me.” The star also wanted his son to have a little sister or brother. The couple had their first child, a girl named Cassidy, on August 2nd, 1993.

In August 2015, at the age of 84, the presenter of “Monday Night Football” died away, leaving behind a wife with whom he had been married for over 30 years. His family disclosed in a statement that he had passed away unexpectedly at his residence in Connecticut from natural causes.

Kathie Lee divulged the fact that she and Cody, who was 25 years old at the time, had the unenviable responsibility of discovering Frank fallen and unresponsive on that fatal day. The two individuals were unable to get in contact with Cassidy, who was 22 years old at the time since she was on a flight to a film set.

Additionally, Delta Airlines was unable to notify the young lady to contact her family via phone. Cassidy was sent to the house to deliver the news to the former television personality’s kid since the former television personality did not want her daughter to learn the news through a monitor.

When Cody was playing for the New York Giants, he had a striking likeness to his father, who was also a football player for the team. On July 26, 2018, Kathie Lee published a family picture on Instagram with her children at a party hosted by the Hallmark Channel in Beverly Hills. Fans immediately spotted a striking likeness between the three of them.

Many of Cassidy’s fans remarked on how much she resembled a miniature version of her own mother. During an appearance on “Today,” Kathie Lee acknowledged the statements and revealed that she had, in fact, seen that her kid seemed to have quite a few similarities to her deceased spouse.

Cody not only resembles Frank in appearance, but he also grew up to be a baseball player like the Hall of Famer when he was the same age. Kathie Lee, the oldest kid that the late celebrity had with Kathie Lee, participated in college football at the University of Southern California.

Cody paid tribute to his father in 2014 by assisting him in adapting his autobiography, “The Glory Game: How the 1958 NFL Championship Changed Football Forever,” into production for HBO Films. The young guy offered a touching and original homage to the departed celebrity the next year.

Bakersfield, California, was Cody’s late father’s hometown, and he went to a special event there where he reminisced about his late father and shared his recollections of Frank. In the same year that his father passed away, Kathie Lee’s son lamented his departure and spoke about what a wonderful example his dad had been to him. He said:

“The legendary Wellington Mara, who was a co-owner of the New York Giants at the time, once referred to dad as ‘the son every parent would want to have and the father any son would be pleased to have.'”

Cody said that Mara had hit the nail on the head by pointing out that God had blessed him “beyond words.” The late athlete’s son, who prefers to remain out of the public eye, went on to receive a master’s degree from Oxford University after completing his education there.

In December of 2021, Kathie Lee revealed to her audience that her son and Erika Brown, his wife, were expecting their first child together. She divulged to People magazine the specific manner in which she was informed that she would one day become a grandma.

After Christine Gardner had returned home in preparation for the commencement of her book tour the next day on “Today,” her longtime friend Cody and his wife presented her with a gift that had been wrapped up and given to her while they were sat together. It had been requested that both Kathie Lee and Gardner unwrap the items at the same time.

Inside the wrapping was a two-sided frame with Kathie Lee’s one reading, “Can’t wait to meet you, Grandma,” on one side, and a picture of a couple holding an ultrasound on the other side. Kathie Lee’s one was a gift for her grandmother. Before she began freaking out, she needed some time to gather her thoughts and figure out what it all meant.

Gardner and the television star raced up to embrace Brown, but Cody made an amusing comment by asking why he wasn’t included in the embrace. In April of 2022, Kathie Lee expressed her joy to her son Frank about the prospect of being a grandmother for the first time. She believed that Frank would be pleased with the news.

She had the impression that her late husband would have delighted in and smiled at all that was going on in the lives of his family. The former anchor said that when she was younger, she secretly hoped that her grandkids would refer to her as Glamma.

On the other hand, she spoke with a friend who was Israeli about the Yiddish translation of the name of a Jewish grandma. The celebrity believed the term of endearment “my darling” was a wonderful fit for her when a friend explained that the name “Bubbalah” or “Bubbie” originated from the Hebrew word “Bubbeh,” which means “my darling.”

On May 31, 2022, Kathie Lee’s grandson was born, and on that day, Brown uploaded the first images of him on her Instagram account to share with the world. In the first picture, the happy parents are shown posing with their newborn child in the hospital, and in the second picture, the child is seen in more detail in a closer view.

Brown said that the day their kid was born three weeks prematurely and weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces was the “greatest day of our life.” She said that his name was Frank “Frankie” Michael Gifford and that he was the one who had a permanent impact on their lives.

Brown added that the first name of the kid was chosen to honor Cody’s departed father, and the second name was chosen to honor her departed uncle. She disclosed that both guys had been “strong,” and she said that while they had passed away, they would never be forgotten.

Kathie Lee Gifford said that she couldn’t help but sing to Frank “Frankie” Michael Gifford and that she felt he had appreciated it. She said that she couldn’t stop herself.

Kathie Lee posted a picture of the family at the hospital with their new son Frank and said that her heart was overflowing with happiness at the moment. She believed that the arrival of her grandson was a sign from God “that our God is a kind and loyal being who is also good. And he has affection for us!”

Kathie Lee said to “Today” on the day that little Frank was born that she was astonished that Cody had opted to name his kid after his late father. She was speaking on the day that tiny Frank was born. She continued by expressing the following to further on her shock and anxieties upon hearing the name:

“Cody understood what it was like to spend his childhood in the shadow of a legendary figure.”

Kathie Lee said that “but I believe he’s never really gotten over, and he never will, the death of his father when he was at such a young age.” She received the impression that her late husband had been and would continue to be Cody’s idol.

The former television celebrity uploaded a video to Instagram on June 6, 2022, showing herself rocking in a chair while holding baby Frank and smiling broadly. In the video footage, she was seen tenderly caressing the newborn infant while singing “Amazing Grace” to him.

She said that it was the first time she had seen the kid and that she had been overcome with an emotion that couldn’t be put into words: delight. Kathie Lee claimed that she was unable to stop herself from singing to him and that she believed he had loved it.

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