Violet wound up in a kill shelter, where she was terrified and alone. She was very underweight and terrified at the same time. Due to the seriousness of her illness, it is quite probable that she would have been put to sleep really fast.

I Stand With My Pack has a volunteer named Whitney who, upon hearing about the Shar-Pei, sped off to get the dog as soon as she could.

After bringing Violet home from the animal shelter, the first stop was the veterinarian’s clinic. The helpers could not wait to find out how much she weighed. Violet’s body was so transparent that you could make out every single bone. A Shar-Pei should weigh between 40 and 60 pounds, according to the figures, which don’t lie. Violet was younger than twenty years old. They felt such compassion for the unfortunate dog. Why would somebody do anything like this to a helpless animal?

Violet was agitated, so Whitney tried to pet her and calm her down. She felt every vertebra in her spine. When everything was over, Whitney knelt down, and the way Violet looked at her confirmed what Whitney had suspected. Violet was completely oblivious to the notion of love. This event was a defining moment in the life of the adorable girl. It was clear that she needed a change in her life!

Violet started to understand what it meant to have consistent meals and a mother who cared for her after she moved in with Whitney at her foster home. Violet gets her very own bed and learns what toys are. She also learns what toys are. Whitney shrieked with delight the very first time she stepped upon it, and her excitement only grew from there.

Violet continued to pack on the pounds as the weeks passed. Additionally, she uncovered new information. How to have a good time with your canine companions and all there is to know about joyful dog zoomies She discovered many more activities that she enjoyed doing. Everyone is overjoyed at how cheerful and healthy she is becoming as she matures into a puppy.

The transformation of Violet is like something out of a fairy tale. Watch the following video clip to find out what takes place beyond this point. We promise that every minute of it will make you smile and will include endearing canine grins. We are overjoyed that rescue teams exist, as well as that The Dodo chooses to feature tales such as this one. Violet is yet another example of a dog from a shelter that has the potential to become the finest animal. Always keep in mind that it is important to financially support local animal shelters and rescues. They are in need of our assistance!

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