Miracles are pretty hard to come by in the present day and age. But there is no other way to describe the abandoned puppy who nearly died on Christmas day after being left in a dumpster and there is no other way to describe the abandoned puppy.

According to WSBTV, a concerned citizen called 911 after hearing the pleading screams of the little puppy. When officers arrived, they discovered a dog that had been thrown out like garbage, wrapped in a garbage bag, and left outside in the cold and hungry. The dog was brought to an animal hospital in Atlanta, but she was in such a poor state that no one was certain if she would live or d ie.

“She was frozen almost solid, and doc thought he was going to have to put her down three times,” Penny Jenkins, a manager at Atlanta west veterinary hospital, said. “He thought he was going to have to put her down once,” Penny Jenkins said. “But she keep fighting, and we keep fighting,” Jenkins said, which colleagues decided to call the rescued dog miracle.

Not only does the stray puppy become healthier with each passing day, but the law enforcement officer who was the one to save her life has already taken her in as his own pet.

On Facebook, the veterinary care team shared the news that “Miracle went to her new fur-ever home with the officer who discovered her yesterday!!!

“She is doing well, and we will pay her a visit tomorrow for a check-up to ensure that everything in her little body is operating as it should.”

I cannot express how grateful i am for your letters, gifts, and prayers. She really is “Everyone’s Christmas miracle!” As she proclaims.

I want to offer my congratulations on the miracle. We couldn’t be happier that you’ve found the ideal location for you and your needs!

By Elen

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