Tonka, the dog, and Sarah, the cat, were great friends who always had each other’s backs. In her book, DogHeirs, Julie Nelson reveals the unusual circumstances that led to the two of them becoming friends and writes:

“Tonka is between the ages of nine and twelve, and she has the kindest and most gentle spirit of anyone I’ve ever met. Soon after we adopted Tonka in 2004, he quickly bonded with Sarah, and the two of them remain close to this day.

Tonka was always so careful with her whenever they were playing together, as if he knew she was more fragile than he was. They used to have a lot of fun chasing each other around the house when they were younger.

After they were done playing, Sarah would groom Tonka by licking him all over his face and head, and then she and Tonka would fall asleep with their heads touching one another.

” It was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!”

The death of Sarah took place on November 15, 2013, when she was 15 and a half years old. After Sarah passed away, Tonka began dozing off with his nose tucked into the kitty bed she had used. I have a sneaking suspicion that he can make out her scent through it! It’s a wonderful thing, but at the same time, it’s a terrible thing.”

By Anna

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