A part-time job that started out as a modest effort has grown into a profession that one might hold full-time in order to assist the environment. Amarildo Silva, who was originally from the Brazilian state of Paraiba and worked as a cashier, looked for other ways to supplement his income. He got the concept after seeing a lot of rubbish lying around on the street and thinking about how used tires may be repurposed into something beneficial.

Amarildo repurposes old tires, which he finds lying about, by turning them into cozy beds for the animals under his care whenever he finds himself with some free time. Up to this point, he has really already sold in excess of 500 individual pieces. The majority of his business is conducted inside Brazil; but, due to the success of his efforts, he is also receiving orders from Europe, the United States of America and Canada, and Asia.

In addition to the animal crates, he added flowerpots and containers for recycling to the assortment of creations that he had made. Because of the success of his work, he is presently being invited to provide presentations to students of all ages at public schools around the country.

Amarildo Silva stays in Paraiba, Brazil. He has in fact discovered a method to aid the environment while at the same time generating something that animals would like.

He gathers up as many used tires that have been thrown away as he possibly can.

After that, he repurposed the tires into something that turned out to be so helpful, you’ll be surprised that nobody had thought of it before.

He crafts animal beds in a variety of designs, making sure that each one is unique in its own way.

He also adds a circular mattress for increased comfort.

What did you get? These eye-catching and colorful animal beds are perfect for napping.

This is a large number of them.

Get acquainted with some of the furry little ones that have truly shown appreciation for his advancements.

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