After a pregnant lady began to experience feelings of nausea, she was brought to the hospital for an unexpected cesarean section. As the situation deteriorated, the physicians were more concerned that the newborn might not make it.

The arrival of a new life into the world is always a miracle, but unfortunately, many moms have difficulty giving birth to their children. Because of advancements in medicine, healthcare professionals now have a better chance of rescuing premature or sick newborns.

During the delivery of her fifth child, a woman from Sherman, Texas, experienced something that no mother should ever have to endure. The couple couldn’t wait to see their baby, but soon after he was born, their happy news turned into every parent’s worst fear.


Jacob and Hannah Sheriff couldn’t contain their excitement at finally seeing their son Urias in 2018. However, as Hannah was in the process of giving birth, she had the sensation that she was about to pass out, and the medical personnel sensed that something was wrong.

After the newborn showed signs of discomfort, the medical staff worked quickly to deliver him from the womb. Hannah’s OB-GYN, Dr. Kinion Whittington, said that it was a situation that required all available medical personnel to be on present and that it was a major emergency.


Hannah had a significant blood loss, and things did not seem to be looking well for either her or the baby. Jacob, the husband, was shaken to his core when he first laid eyes on his newborn child and saw that there were no pulse or other indications of life. The father was overcome with grief as the infant remained speechless. This is what he said:

“Then I see him come out, and he doesn’t seem to be… That is, he has passed away.”


Jacob put his trust in God since the infant had no pulse and CPR was not having any effect on the situation. He requested his relatives and friends to pray for his little son since it seemed as if he was about to stop breathing. According to Dr. Whittington,

“After approximately 10 minutes, it’s basically a fruitless endeavor if you don’t have a fetal heart rate,” said the doctor.

The medical staff performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the patient for a whole twenty minutes, during which time they looked for any sign of life. In a miraculous turn of events, a pulse was restored, but the physicians reported that irreparable harm had already been done.


The newborn and his father were flown to Texas Health Presbyterian, but it became apparent that they were going to lose the baby while they were in flight. He was battling as a result of a lack of oxygen, and the doctors feared that if he lived, there would be “delays in development” in his growth.

The couple was relieved to learn that their kid had been fighting so hard to remain alive, but they were devastated to hear the diagnosis from the doctor. The caregivers speculated that infant Urias would never develop the skills necessary to speak, walk, or feed himself on his own.


The couple also learned that forty percent of persons who had been hospitalized with the same health issues as Urias had not survived their illnesses. Despite this, they made the decision to put their faith in God.

Jacob shared with their physicians: “Both my wife and I consider ourselves to be persons of religion. My kid is being prayed for by a large number of people, and I believe he is going to blow your mind in some way.” However, it was not an easy task, and they had the impression that they were receiving “one punch after another.”

The father and mother solicited prayers for their child on social media, and their messages garnered a significant amount of attention very fast. Users of a group that was dubbed “Pray For Baby Urias” sent words of encouragement and prayed for the child’s well-being.

The nurse was a witness to the miraculous event.

Not long after that, the family reported having strange occurrences that could not be explained. Latricia Bell, the night nurse, checked on Urias and reported that the baby’s eyes had opened while she was examining him.

The family was encouraged to maintain their hope that Urias would make a full recovery by the fact that he showed even a little sign of life. Nurse Bell said that the hospital room had a nice atmosphere, and she continued:

“I checked the monitors, and it seemed as if the patient was no longer having any seizures. That was the last word on the matter. You hear stories of miracles, but God allowed me to see one personally.”

Urias’s strength continued to improve over time, and eventually he was able to begin breathing on his own. The infant was discharged from the hospital after having spent a total of three weeks there, and everyone was shocked to see that he had already reached all of his baby milestones.

The infant is developing quite well.

After about one year, when Urias’s parents got the report from the doctor, they were anxious about it. However, the comments of the physician demonstrated unequivocally that a miracle had taken place. The physician explained:

“I’ve only had a handful of other situations where individuals have made a complete recovery, and I’m just telling you, he’s one of them,” the doctor said. “He’s one of the guys that made a full recovery.”

The example that Urias sets in his daily life is an inspiration to his family and friends. The resilient child has a battling spirit, and there is no question that his tale will continue to motivate others in the years to come.

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