Despite the fact that she is content and in good condition, the dog is known as “Chunkkie” has undergone a radical transformation since October. The pit bull puppy, which was only three months old at the time, was rescued by firefighters in Sacramento as they were on their way to a call.

She was afflicted with mange and left exposed to the elements while chained to a tree. They were appalled by what they saw and were unable to fathom leaving her in such a condition after seeing it. As a direct consequence of this, Mike Thawley and the rest of his team brought her back to the station.

After they got back, they gave her a bath and made sure she was warm, and then they came to the conclusion that the best thing for Chunkie would be to send her to a shelter so that she could get the necessary care she needed and a new place to live.

Thawley was unable to stop thinking about Chunkie, so the following day, despite the knowledge that she was under the right treatment at the shelter, he went to see her.

It was obvious that the two of them had developed a fondness for one another despite this.

After Thawley and Chunkie both fell in love with Chunkie, they made the decision to bring him home with them. After undergoing treatment for mange for four months, Chunkie was finally well enough to go back with the Thawley family and go back to their house.

The family enthusiastically embraced the new member of their family, and at this point, Chunkie is loved more than before. All of them have our best wishes!

By Anna

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