They were unable to locate a place to live due to their pet, so they have resorted to living in a vehicle for the moment. The automobile is packed with various items, including clothing. Therefore, they sleep on the front seats of the vehicle.

The couple has left the home that they had been renting. The guy said that it smelled like a dead body had been moved from the basement.

Therefore, the owner had no intention of taking any action. In addition, the couple filed a lawsuit against the home’s owner, which resulted in the reduction of their monthly rent payment. However, after a few months they were forced to vacate the premises. As a result, they rented many separate flats with the assistance of their insurance.

We did not submit an application for this anyplace; but, after some time had passed, our funds ran out, and we found ourselves living on the street.

In addition to this, it was not feasible to rent a home. And the most difficult challenge was overcoming a massive canine that weighed around 80 kg.

Because the dog was a legitimate part of their household, they were unable to just abandon the animal.

The couple had conversations with fifty different landlords, but their efforts were for nothing. Nobody was interested in selling their home to a family with pets, especially dogs.

The couple had a monthly income of 780 euros, but all of this money went toward paying for their dog’s food and their gas.

By Elen

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