There is a proverb that says capes are not worn by all heroes.

A little girl by the name of Brooklyn Andracke looked forward to every Thursday because that was the day when her very own personal hero, the trash guy, would arrive at her house.

Brooklyn would eagerly anticipate the arrival of the garbage truck at the Bloomington, Illinois residence she shared with her family on a weekly basis in order to have the trash collected. On the other hand, there was a Thursday in particular when she saw one of her goals materialize before her eyes.

The residents of Brooklyn spent close to a year greeting the trash collector called Delvar and saying “hello.”

According to Traci, her mother, she started waving at him from their window as she saw him. However, as time went on, the child expressed a desire to physically be there each week in order to wave to the pick-up driver. In the case that the family inadvertently missed the pickup, they would drive around the neighborhood looking for the driver’s vehicle.

Even though they did not know Delvar at the time (or even his name), he would grin and wave in reply. This would, without a doubt, put a smile on Brooklyn’s face.

In her explanation on Facebook, Traci stated:

“Every…Thursday, my heart is filled to the brim when I watch the pleasure that our incredible trash guy offers Brooklyn when he honks and waves at her with a HUGE grin,” the author writes. “Every…Thursday, my heart is filled to the brim.”

The celebration that took place for Brooklyn’s third birthday is sure to be one that she will never forget.

As a way to acknowledge the significance of the event, Traci and Brooklyn came up with the idea to present the trash guy with a cupcake that they had previously wrapped up. The moment the couple saw his vehicle, they immediately began waving to one another as they always did. After that, though, Traci signaled for Delvar to come closer.

She continued by describing what transpired after that, saying:

“He stopped the car, stepped out, and smiled at us with his huge grin. As soon as she gave him the cupcake, Brooklyn was rendered completely speechless. I told him that every Thursday he brightens our day and that we truly enjoy the honking and waving, as well as how wonderful of a day it is for us, and that I communicated this to him.

The fact that young Brooklyn was able to meet her idol, the trash guy, made the occasion extra memorable; but, the answer he gave made Traci’s heart feel like it was about to burst.
It seems that Brooklyn wasn’t the only one who looked forward to waving at Delvar—it was he himself who anticipated doing so!

The mother explained:

“He said that he has a meeting every Thursday morning, but that he always makes an effort to leave the meeting as quickly as possible so that he can make it a point to visit us each week. He disclosed that he does not have any children of his own, but he is a positive role model for a number of youngsters and really loves them.

After they had said their goodbyes on that particular day, Traci observed that her daughter had been “unusually quiet” while they were riding in the vehicle together.
She inquired as to what the issue was, but Brooklyn surprised her by responding, “Mommy, I’m so pleased.”

Because Traci was moved to tears by the thoughtfulness of the trash guy and the whole ordeal, she made the decision to write about it on the internet. It didn’t take long at all for it to get widespread attention online.
This is what she wrote:

“MUCH APPRECIATION!!! Thank you for making Brooklyn’s birthday extra special, for bringing pleasure to her every Thursday morning, and for making my heart glad by doing all three of these things. It may be a little gesture on your part, but we cannot express how much we appreciate it!

We would like to express our gratitude to the local citizen who provided the following feedback. REALLY makes us grin!! We really hope that it inspires the rest of you to…

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