After almost two months of being separated from her dog, a little girl was overcome with emotion upon seeing him again for the first time in over two months. The kid is seen overtaken with emotion as she embraces her cherished dog for the first time in a scene that was recorded on camera and shows the youngster overcome with emotion.

The family of Max the dog was terrified that they would never see him again after he became separated from them on the streets of San Antonio, Texas. They looked for him for close to two months, but they were unable to locate him at that time. Additionally, they reported him missing to the authorities and disseminated flyers across the area in the expectation that he would be located.

Fortunately, it was Deputy Perez of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office who discovered little Max and brought him back to his family. This brave individual deserves all the credit in the world. Perez received a call informing him that there was a dog that was lost in the neighborhood, and when he arrived to the location, he immediately recognized Max since he was familiar with him. The family of the dog was promptly contacted by the deputy to let them know that their dog is unharmed.

The discovery that their little puppy is still alive brought overwhelming joy to Max’s family. The finest response, though, came from their two young daughters, who couldn’t believe it when they were able to take Max back into their arms after all this time. After some time had passed, the deputy posted online a series of heartfelt photographs that showed the girls shedding happy tears as they were reunited with their lost dog.

According to a post made by the sheriff’s office on Facebook, “Max and his family were reunited and as you can see on the children’s expressions, they could not be happier.” “I want to express my gratitude to Deputy Perez for making this reunion possible!”

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