Recent viral success for a lovely dog may be attributed to the uplifting backstory shared about him on the internet. A source of motivation for each one of us in particular. A friendly reminder that the secret to success is always to keep trying!

It was early this year that a stray dog in Brazil began hanging around a vehicle shop, and that’s when everything got started. The employees had first speculated that the unfortunate dog could be hungry; so, they fed him with the expectation that he would ultimately go. The little dog, however, had other ideas in mind. He never stopped coming back to the location. Every morning, he would stand in front of the doors and welcome every one of the workers, who finally fell in love with the sociable dog.

However, everything was about to change quite quickly. It was pouring rain, and when the showroom manager saw the hapless puppy sitting out there in the wet, he felt such sorry for him that he decided to provide him a place to get out of the weather and under cover. He offered the dog a place to sleep inside the showroom for the night and also fed the dog some food. Since then, he has never abandoned his post.

The sociable puppy won over the hearts of everyone there very fast, including the manager, who felt it would be wonderful if they had a mascot to represent the establishment. In addition to that, a forever home would be provided for the dog. It’s over and done with! They gave the dog a new home and decided to call him Tucson Prime.

The manager of the organization, Emerson Mariano, was quoted in an article published by Top Motors Brazil as saying, “After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals.”

Unexpectedly, Tucson was able to make such a significant impression, and his clients simply adored him. Therefore, it was only inevitable that a promotion would follow! It did, as shown by the fact that the wonderful puppy now has its own badge at the auto dealership and a place to live out its days. To put the cherry on top, he is also an important member of the team. But that’s not all; in a short amount of time, he became a rising celebrity on Instagram, where he already has more than 135,000 followers.

By Anna

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