Introducing Kylo, a lovable dog that was rescued from a shelter and is eternally thankful to his mother for doing so. Kylo makes it a point to convey his gratitude on a regular basis.

Kylo Ren was placed in the care of the West Memphis Animal Shelter when he was just 10 months old.

ALIVE Rescue Memphis took the initiative to save him from the animal shelter as the initial step in the process of locating his permanent home. He is a big goofy dog that only wants to be loved by his human companions.

After being saved, Kylo was placed in a foster home for a significant amount of time, but prospective adopters showed minimal interest and submitted few applications.

Before the appropriate family found out about him, no one could figure out why this lovely child didn’t seem to be garnering any attention at all. No one could figure out why.

When his human mother enters the home, Kylo can’t wait to give her a warm embrace and give her a hug.

“As soon as I sit down to take off my shoes, he crawls onto my lap to be hugged,” says Meghan Sweer, who is Kylo’s human. “He is really affectionate.”

“If I don’t sit down for our snuggle time, he will follow me around with the saddest, most pitiful expression on his face until I give in and embrace him,” she said.

Even after he was adopted for the first time, he was never provided the attention that he need. That is until Meghan and her companion came to the rescue.

It was a wonderful first night for Kylo after he was adopted by Meghan.

Meghan explains, “He got onto my lap, put his head under my chin, and then began snoring like a chainsaw.” “My husband and I knew he would be staying with us from that very point on!”

He is very appreciative to have found a loving permanent home, and he does not limit his expression of affection to the people he lives with, rather, he shows it to each and everyone he comes into contact with.

“He wins people over by crawling onto their lap and falling asleep,” said one person. “It’s a touch forceful, but it works.”

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