It should come as no surprise that dogs like making new friends since it is in their nature to be nice. Dogs are social animals.

Meet Rigby, the one-year-old puppy who now resides with his owners, Courtney Poole, and her husband Evan. Rigby has been with the Pooles for the last year. The dog like sitting in front of the window and saying hello to anybody that passes by his house.

According to what Poole shared with The Dodo, “He is extremely kind and kind.” “He has the goal of becoming the best of friends with every person and animal he meets,” the narrator says.

The most noteworthy aspect is that Rigby utilizes the mailbox that belongs to his family in order to indulge in his most cherished pastime. The peephole in the mailbox is ideal for him to keep an eye on everything going on outside, and it also offers him a wonderful opportunity to say hello to his neighbors.

Rigby has had a deep affection for his mailbox since when he was a little child and could still squeeze through the opening. Evan and I would take turns passing him through the letterbox to each other, as Poole said. “Let’s be honest, it’s nice to open your mailbox to see a dog sleeping in it,” said one person. “Let’s be honest.”

Now that he weighs 70 pounds, he is no longer able to fit inside the mailbox. However, because of his height, he is able to put his head out of the mailbox whenever he wants to say hello to everyone and see what is going on outside.

“He’s always been really thrilled when people go for walks with their dogs on our street,” Poole said. “There are a lot of people that go for walks with their pets on our street.” “He has been attempting to see what is beyond it for as long as he could reach, and he has been sticking his head out of it. People often pause on the sidewalk and giggle when they get a glimpse of it.

The mailman may be taken aback when he sees Rigby waiting at the mailbox, but fortunately, they do not take long to bond and become the best of friends. We are relieved to learn that the dog will not have to give up his perch above the ideal peephole to keep an eye on the neighborhood.

“Rigby is normally only on the porch when we are, which is a few times each day, so he’s only stunned the mailman once,” said Poole.

“Rigby’s only been on the porch while we were there.” “Evan had to relocate him and back up in order for the mailman to deliver our mail since he was obviously nervous about the situation.” It was truly rather nerve-racking for a split second.

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