It was a problem that no one who owns an animal wants ever has to face. Edgar is blessed with the perfect family, which showers him with affection and takes care of his needs.
But on one night during a particularly bad storm, Edgar worked up such a sweat that he found a way to sneak out of his house. His loved ones were certain that he would not run away on purpose, so they started looking for their adored animal companion right away. Because the severe twisters continued throughout the whole week, Edgar’s family began to fear the worst.

Oscar, the family’s second pet, had severe symptoms of clinical depression as his condition worsened. Because he had been used to always being around Edgar, he deteriorated during the week that Edgar was gone. After seven days, Edgar still had not returned, so the family made an effort to resume their usual routine without him. Despite this, no one in the family had any inkling that an unexpected occurrence was about to take place.

The younger member of the family posted Oscar’s tale on the website Imgur, where he also said that he had been out with Oscar for a stroll when he suddenly heard a piercing scream coming from the dog.

In the critical state of affairs, Edgar was rescued by workers after becoming trapped in the water drainage conduit. After being taken to the veterinarian, it was revealed that he had only suffered from mild dehydration and a few small wounds as a result of being immersed for such a prolonged period of time.

After overcoming several obstacles over the course of a week, Edgar’s family was finally successful in bringing their four-legged companion back to the sanctuary where he had been staying.

When Edgar finally got home, all he wanted to do was eat and rest for a while. As soon as he got back to his house, his family greeted him by making him his all-time favorite snack: a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. Oh, and a nice nap with his good buddy, Oscar.

We are overjoyed that this tale had a happy conclusion, but it’s important to note that there are a lot of other instances of animals making their way to safety during storms. Pet professionals recommend creating a “safe area” in your home that your animal may go to in stressful situations, such as when there is severe weather. To reassure your dog that everything is going to be well, provide it with a cozy place to lie down as well as plenty of hugs and pat it often.

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