Derek Hough, a fan favorite on “Dancing with the Stars,” and Hayley Erbert, his longtime lover and partner, made a significant choice in their relationship, and they announced it on social media.

They were standing in front of a floral arrangement that was mostly white and brown with tall white candles, and a bed of white flowers filled the floor in front of them. The photo was captioned by Hough with the phrase “It’s just the beginning…the beginning of eternity.” Continue reading to find out more about their connection and the proposal of marriage.

It is possible that Hough is the more well-known dancer of the two, but he is certainly not the only one. Erbert made her debut as a troupe dancer on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2015, the same year that her fiancĂ© presented her with an oval diamond set in platinum with a pave band as an engagement ring.

She was a contestant on the tenth season of “So You Think You Can Dance,” which took place two years ago. Erbert did not only finish in the top six, but she also participated in the show’s subsequent 42-city tour later that same year.

After Erbert began dating Hough, she developed a strong relationship with Julianne Hough, who is well known as her brother’s sister. Julianne celebrated Erbert’s 23rd birthday by posting a picture on Instagram and writing that she had a “large heart” that was “full with love.” In addition, she expressed her gratitude to Erbert for bestowing that heart to her sibling.

Erbert may like dancing, but her other great interest is cats, and she is very devoted to them. Palo, a cat that she and Hough discovered on their way home from an Emmys pre-show party, is one of the rescued kittens that she and Hough keep as pets at their house.

The bond between the engaged pair has been one of a kind. Hough and Erbert first became acquainted with one another in 2014, when they were both members of the dance crew for the “Move Live” tour that Hough was performing on with his sister. They became fast friends despite the age difference of 10 years between them.

Even though Hough and Erbert were said to have begun dating in 2015, the couple did not publicly acknowledge their relationship until 2017. Hough said that it felt “freeing” to finally tell everyone that they were dating after such a prolonged period of secrecy.

Later in the year 2017, Hough made it clear that his family did not exert any kind of influence on his decision to marry Erbert. One of the activities that the couple enjoys doing together most is going on vacation all around the globe.

They returned from their romantic trip to Paris in July 2019 and shared PDA-filled photographs from their trip on social media. They have also been to a few other destinations, including South Korea, Kenya, Monaco, and a few more.

Although the 2020 quarantine ended a number of partnerships, it had the opposite effect on Hough and Erbert’s romance. During the months that they spent living continuously under the same roof, the pair had a lot of fun together and became closer to one another.

Hough made his comeback to “Dancing with the Stars” in October 2020, which was his first appearance on the show since 2017; he danced an impressive Paso Doble with Erbert. He stated that there was no other way he would have wanted things to go.

To return to the suggestion, it was something that Hough did at home. He engaged the services of event planner Troy Williams to assist him in transforming their home into the most romantic environment possible by adding more than 250 candles and 1,600 flowers.

Williams added that Hough wanted for the proposal to be “transformed in the intimacy of their house” so that they could start the next and most significant journey of their life together at home.

Erbert did not have any idea that her lover had prepared such a beautiful proposal; fortunately, everything went according to plan, and the ring was a great fit for her finger. Way to go!

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