A call came into the California animal rescue organization Hope for Paws about a pit bull that had been left behind at a fast-food restaurant. The majority of the calls that they get are about pets that have been abandoned, and they work nonstop to respond to as many of these calls as they can. They immediately despatched JoAnn Wiltz and Alex Babcock in the direction of the dog in need of rescue.

As soon as the girls pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, they noticed the pit bull lazily basking in the sun. However, as they got closer, the terrified dog bolted away and hid behind the garbage can.

A few moments later, the garbageman arrived to pick up the trash, but he waited patiently as the people who were trying to save the dog gained the dog’s trust. They coaxed her with the promise of hamburger bites, and she warmed up to them in no time.

They had her in their possession in a matter of minutes and were providing her with food directly from their hands. It was obvious that she was a kind girl, and it came across that she was naturally frightened.

As soon as she realized the girls were there to rescue her, all of her anxiety vanished. She also rolled over onto her back so that her rescuers could rub her belly before she thanked them with kisses.

They came to the conclusion that they would call her “Kisses,” and then they brought her back to the clinic for a nice warm bath. She went through a transformation both physically and mentally after she had her bath.

The timid and reserved dog was replaced with a happy and kind-hearted young lady who couldn’t stop wagging her tail and giving kisses.

She is currently looking for a foster home after being taken in by It’s The Pits dog rescue, which is currently looking for a place for her to stay.

If someone is willing to give her a warm welcome and a place to stay, the shelter can most certainly provide everything she requires. Anyone who is interested in providing her with a foster home must live in or near the San Diego area and submit an application to become a foster parent through the website itsthepits.org.

There is absolutely no justifiable reason to give up a dog. If you are unable to care for your animal companion, please take them to a local sanctuary where they can be adopted by a family who will love and cherish them.

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