A few weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II, who is 95 years old, made great history in her rule by becoming the English monarch who has reigned the longest.

To celebrate her Platinum Jubilee and the fact that she has reigned for seventy years, the Queen of the United Kingdom issued a statement that provoked a variety of responses from members of the royal family as well as from the general public.

Queen Elizabeth II expressed her excitement over the prospect of her son, Prince Charles, taking her place as monarch. The Crown also said in the letter that Camilla, Prince Charles’s wife, will be given the title of “Queen Consort.” The following is what the assertion says:

“… and it is my honest intention that, when that time comes, Camilla will be recognized as Queen Consort as she continues her own faithful duty. I have no doubt that this will come to pass.”

The news that his wife, Camilla, had been mentioned made Prince Charles quite happy. When asked how she was feeling when she was on her visit to a community kitchen called Nourish Hub, the Duchess of Sussex answered with a smile on her face and added:

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude and am humbled by the honor bestowed upon me.”

In the aftermath of the Queen’s decision, members of the royal family did not all react in the same manner. The reactions of Prince William and Prince Harry, who are Prince Charles’ sons, have been quite different. An important moment in their history together with the future Queen Consort is described here.

Christopher Anderson, an author who has written on the royal family, has shared his thoughts on the impact that the Queen’s remark has had on her household. He said that the choice was “creating a hole” between the members of the royal family, particularly amongst Prince Charles’ sons. The following is what Anderson claims:

“I can tell you right now that the lads were utterly taken aback by this,” the narrator says.

The author said that after the loss of Prince Philip in 2021, Prince Charles vigorously sought the title for his wife in order to make up for the loss of his father.

He said: “Charles has just successfully worn her down on this issue as well. In addition, I believe that since the passing of Prince Philip, Prince Charles has redoubled his efforts to make it very apparent to the Queen that he, too, needs a life companion. He is going to require the backing, the type of support that she had from [her husband], in order for him to be able to rule.”

Although the Queen’s choice was met with a variety of responses, some people were surprised by it since she had a contentious relationship with Camilla, the woman whom her son married in 2005. Princess Diana, the mother of Prince Charles’ two kids and his ex-wife of Prince Charles, passed away at an early age shortly after the couple divorced.

According to certain sources, Queen Elizabeth’s first reaction to Camilla was one of disapproval. However, as a result of her mother-in-law seeing that she had increased the amount of responsibility that she took on, their relationship became more amicable.

Being Prince Charles’ second wife brought with it a multitude of responsibilities, one of which was participation in a variety of charitable causes and organizations. On a personal level, Camilla was required to form relationships with Prince William and Prince Harry, her elder sons, and she has been very successful in doing so over the years.

This has provided her with the ability to comprehend their actions, and one of the most surprising things she learned after marrying Prince Charles was that Prince William had a fiery temper.

Although the world views the younger Prince and his wife, Kate Middleton, as the most mild-mannered and least controversial of the royals, the Duchess of Cornwall has said that he is capable of throwing a tantrum when provoked.

Robert Lacey said in his book “Battle of Brothers” that Camilla had told family acquaintances about her observation and used the phrase “The boy’s got a temper!” in her remark.

The article claims that the future Queen Consort has been a witness to a number of interactions that have taken place between her husband and Prince William. They also claim that the younger prince would often yell in order to get his point through. The following is what Lacey wrote about it in his book:

“According to Camilla, the arguments have been earth-shattering, with William doing the yelling and Charles surrendering meekly on the receiving end of the confrontation.”

Experts say that Prince Charles, who has waited for decades to lead, may quit the throne in favor of his son, Prince William. Despite the fact that Prince Charles is the soon-to-becoming king, he has waited for decades to rule.

In spite of the fact that they said the Queen would reign for the whole of her life and would never abdicate the monarchy, these analysts believe that the Queen’s son would govern for a shorter period of time and may decide to ask Parliament to transfer the kingdom over to Prince William.

Prince Harry, William’s brother, has decided to abdicate his royal responsibilities in the year 2020. This decision comes after he and his wife, Meghan Markle, issued a joint statement in which they said that they would desire to live a life unrelated to the royal family.

According to a number of accounts, the brothers gave their blessing to their father’s decision to make their mother the future Queen Consort even though they were not informed about the matter.

According to these claims, Prince William has no problem with Camilla continuing to hold her title or marrying Charles, his father. It would seem that the Duke of Cambridge has a harmonious relationship with his father.

In addition to this, he has a harmonious relationship with his stepmother and is respectful of the Queen’s wishes, all of which contributed to the manner in which he reacted. According to the source:

“His relationship with the Prince of Wales is more amicable and cordial than it has ever been.

In addition to this, he holds his grandma and the advice she gives him in the highest regard possible. If that is the right decision for her, then it will also be the right one for him.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have shown their support for Prince Harry by retweeting a message that his grandmother made. However, Prince Harry has stayed silent on the issue.

However, after the disclosure from body language specialists who suggest that Prince Harry is also amicable with Camilla, it has been reported that he is not anxious about the choice that the Queen has made.

In spite of the fact that both brothers had a difficult time maintaining a connection with their father’s wife for a significant amount of time, the family eventually merged with one another.

Therefore, contrary to what many people assume, Prince Harry’s silence is not an indication that he disapproves. A specialist in body language named Darren Stanton asserted:

“Their non-verbal communication with Camilla signals a deep link, and it’s evident that they clearly approve of her relationship with their father Charles, with both William and Harry exhibiting true compassion towards her,”

Stanton also said that Prince Charles and his adored partner have created a better connection as a result of the family’s acceptance, adding that they look to be really happy in public despite their private circumstances.

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