Recently, a Staffordshire Bull terrier puppy that was 4 months old and wore an unique mask that was 3D-printed. The young canine had many broken bones, including her jawbone, her mandibular joint, and her cheekbones. In addition to it, both her face and her neck had a number of puncture wounds. The unfortunate puppy had to go through an extremely challenging surgical procedure. Thank God the veterinary doctors were able to successfully develop the procedure.

Following her operation, Loca tried out her brand-new face mask, an Exo-K9 Exoskeleton, which had been built particularly for her by students studying biomedical design at the university. Because she wore the mask, her jawbone was able to maintain its position.

In a post that was made on the UC Davis School’s Facebook, it was said that “Loca fared very well during her three-day hospitalization.” The post also stated that “She promptly began eating soft food and remained comfortable on her pain medications.” In addition to the Exo-K9, Loca was outfitted with a cushioned neck bandage so that the crack in her neck could be stabilized and her range of motion could be limited while she was recovering.

Because Loca was compelled to wear the mask, she was not allowed to engage in the activities that were typical for her at this time. For instance, she was unable to consume things like toys or bones. In addition to this, she had a difficult time eating and drinking. In order to ensure that her wounds would heal properly, she was given a pap.

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