One of Florida’s good Samaritans came across Davey, a stray cat while driving along a small road in the state of Florida. After being struck by a vehicle, the young cat had critical wounds, and it was later found lying on the roadway deceased. His predicament seemed to be quite hopeless, but happily, a wonderful person came along and rescued him, then phoned the local rescue organization Caring Fields Felines to assist him.

The rescue organization transported him to an animal hospital right away, where the doctors examined him with X-rays to determine the severity of the injuries he had sustained. The poor little kitty was hurt in the collision and is now recovering from her wounds. Because of his fractured neck, he needed to spend the next ten weeks in a cast that covered his whole body.

The veterinarians at the animal hospital began to take after Davey, and at first, it seemed that he was in good shape. He has been wearing the cast for a total of six weeks at this point, and his recovery is going quite well. Before beginning his physical treatment, he will have to wear the set for at least three or four weeks.

Because he seems to be so cute when he is wrapped up like a kitten burrito, people refer to him as a small burrito. Everyone doesn’t want to leave him alone every night, so they let him go home with one of their workers whose dog is called Oakley. Oakley is a veterinary technician, and he is the company’s dog. He is completely smitten with Davey, and the cat has quickly become his new closest companion.

After he has regained his health and returned to being a typical kitten, he will be made available for adoption. Now that he’s settled in, he’s meeting new friends, and he’s well on his way to finding a home that will be his forever. Our best wishes go out to whoever takes him in, as we know he deserves a responsible owner and a warm and caring environment.

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By Anna

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