This story is about a poor pit bull named Lakita, who suffered for most of her life. A woman saw her near her front porch and called for help.

When they pulled her out and saw how thin she was, the people who helped her were completely shocked. Tracy, one of the rescuers, and her team were able to get Lakita to understand that they wanted to help her. She also knew that someone was really looking after her.

Tracy planned to take her to animal control so she could be checked out by a doctor, but that didn’t happen. So, she moved in for a week, and Lakita changed in a great way.

She gained weight quickly because she ate many small meals every day. Her fur also started to shine, and she wanted to play. She felt happy and safe, though.

Lakita needed a permanent home next, so they took some cute Christmas pictures of her and posted them online. The pictures went viral, which helped Ashtyn and Sebastian, a sweet couple with three kids, adopt her. She is lucky that her new owners will never hurt her in any way.

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