When a local animal shelter took in this pit bull who went by the name Abigail, the treatment she experienced was appalling.

It is quite clear that he did this since she was missing a portion of the flesh on her face as well as her whole ear.

The veterinary technician shared with us that poor Abigail had had a number of gruesome injuries as a result of his participation in dog fights in the past.

She was honored at the annual awards ceremony held by the American Humane Society, where she was bestowed the title of “HeroDog of the Year.”

Victoria Fraser, a lady from Florida who manages a non-profit organization called ‘Love is FurEver Dog Rescue,’ made the decision to help the dog after seeing images of her injuries posted on Facebook for the first time a year earlier. Her goal was to rescue the dog from a precarious position.

Because he was so concerned that Abigail could be put to sleep, he made the decision to take her to the Pets First Wellness Center in order to have a regenerative skin transplant and wound-healing treatment performed on her.

In light of the fact that Abigail had lost her right ear, Fraser proceeded to cover her head with a headscarf, and shortly afterwards, our leading lady Abigail was found to be in good health once again.

As a consequence of this, after seeing what was on his head, people on the network began sending him more hats and other items.

Abigail moved into her new everlasting home to be with Megan and Jason Steinkers in Fort Myers, Florida, and began a life of joy and contentment there.

When I asked Megan about it, she replied the following. My puppy is so adorable, loving, and forgiving; his nice character will surely motivate other people to preserve stray dogs. “You can see how he looked like many months ago and how he is now.”

Abigail was crowned hero of the year at the 16th Beverly Hills gala, which took place in September. She was victorious over all of her competitors and received the honor.

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