Chris and Mariesa are used to having eight dogs in the house since they have always had dogs as pets. However, when they encountered Storie, a pregnant dog at their local shelter, they recognized that they were unable to allow her to give birth to her babies in that environment.

“The health of the dogs in shelters that are pregnant or giving birth to pups is not good. Chris sheds some light on the situation by saying, “It’s terrible for her, and it’s difficult for the pups.”

They made the decision to take Storie in as their foster child, so before she was even born, they set up a nice bed for her. They anticipated that it would take her a few days to acclimate to her new environment; nevertheless, she had given birth to 12 pups barely 18 hours after they had brought her home!

It would seem like they made it home in the nick of time! Within a short period of time, the pups had grown, their eyes had opened, and they began behaving like rambunctious youngsters.

Due to the fact that Chris and Mariesa’s home is already somewhat crowded, it was impossible for them to accommodate 13 more canines. Pibbles and More Animal Rescue were able to find homes for every one of Storie’s pups, so she no longer needs them. And what exactly should we make of Storie? Their buddy of Chris also had a role in the joyful ending!

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