She was bypassed by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis, yet nobody ever bothered to offer her any assistance.

Helen was a stray dog that lived in Romania and had done so for her whole life. She was known as Helen.

She spent the day resting on some cardboard inside of an old door frame and watched folks go about their day. People would sometimes approach her and smile at her or give her food, but nobody ever bothered to inquire about her aid or request her help.

That is, until a tourist from Finland who was in Romania and saw Helen and immediately called Howl of a Dog. Helen was rescued at that point.

When the people who were trying to save the dog came, the residents told them that the dog had been a resident of the area for a number of years. She was fortunate enough to remain secure in this area thanks to the fact that everyone knew her, and she or regularly picked up food leftovers from random people who passed by.

But the leftovers weren’t enough to keep her healthy, and the cardboard she slept on wasn’t warm enough to keep her comfortable during the harsh winters and storms that came through the area.

The people who rescued Helen say that she is a wonderful dog. They say that she is calm, sociable, and behaves very well. According to them, she has a “wonderful, enchanting nature.”

The fact that she had to spend so much time on the streets despite her wonderful nature makes the ordeal all the more heartbreaking. In accordance with the provisions of the 2013 neutral release plan, Helen wore a piece of plastic over her ear. This suggests that she was picked up as a stray, spayed, and then released back into the road after being treated for her condition. Helen has been traveling for at least the last six years, and it is quite possible that she traveled for a considerable amount of time before that.

She was given a much-needed wash and a medical examination when her rescuers took her back to the clinic where they work. A short time later, Helen was taken in by a kind family in the Netherlands and given a new name. She is in a quaint community that has a number of forested areas and winding lanes, all of which are perfect for taking leisurely strolls with her future owners.

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