A rattlesnake was about to kill a little girl until a rescued German Shepherd came to her aid and saved her life by protecting her from the snake in their garden.

An Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake made an appearance as Molly DeLuca and her German Shepherd, Haus, were having fun in the back yard of Molly DeLuca’s home in Florida.

When Haus saw that Molly was in danger, he sprang in between her and the pit viper to protect her. However, in the course of doing so, he was bitten three times.

Donya, Molly’s mother, asserts that she saw Haus maintaining his ground as he sprang back and forth, but she did not see the snake. The next thing that they saw was Haus hobbling about while sobbing and with blood on his legs. He had been shot.

Donya wishes to convey her appreciation to Haus for coming to Molly’s defense. If the venomous snake had bitten her daughter, she is unsure whether or not her daughter would have lived through it.

It was a pricey anti-venom treatment, but Haus is anticipated to make a full recovery after being sent to the veterinary as soon as possible. The family decided to raise money for Haus’s medical expenses via GoFundMe, and when news spread about Haus’s courage, they received more than enough donations to pay all of his expenses.

A few months ago, the DeLuca family took it upon themselves to get Haus from an animal shelter. Adam DeLuca, Molly’s father, claimed that ever since Haus got home, he has always loved and protected his children. Adam DeLuca is their grandfather. He cannot fathom how lucky his family is to have him in their midst. What dogs are capable of doing is nothing short of incredible.

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