As we become older, we have a greater propensity to become more vulnerable to being exploited, and this is particularly true of elderly adults. This makes it simpler for someone to become a victim of scammers or robbers, whether it’s because they are seen as weak or because they are slipping behind on how to utilize technology. The ability for older people to protect themselves is something that has always been very necessary, but in today’s world, it is more crucial than ever before. Self-defense lessons are often taken by people so they are better prepared in the event that they are ever challenged by an intruder. At other times, they respond in an instinctual manner, utilizing whatever is available to them. An absolutely stunning Sunday morning.

A woman who was 65 years old didn’t believe that a beautiful Sunday morning would be any different from others. However, she was incorrect. It all began when she became aware of a peculiar sound. She was constantly on high alert since she was a grandma.

The 300-pound robber finds out the hard way that the 65-year-old lady he chose to target was not the right one.

The source of the noise was located outside of her residence. After that, the lady walked to her window in an effort to determine where the sound was coming from. When she looked up, she saw a guy. The man’s behavior made it quite evident that he wasn’t up to anything that would be considered positive. This lady was able to see what was going on outside her window as she saw the guy shake the handles on her vehicle and pound on the glass.

It is quite clear that he was trying to break into her car. It was worse than she had anticipated all along. This granny continued staring out the window, and eventually she observed that the guy was just wearing his underwear. Being half-naked, not only was she concerned about the possibility of his wrecking or taking her automobile, but she was also concerned about what else he could be considering. That is really unsettling, particularly for someone who is 65 years old.

This granny was bracing herself for the worst case scenario by grabbing her bat. As she continued to speak, she proceeded to brace her body before slowly opening the door to her home. Even though this man was just five feet and six inches tall, his bulk was intimidating due to the fact that he weighed 300 pounds.

The situation deteriorates quickly. As soon as the guy, Adam Mosley, caught sight of the lady, he made his way towards her. However, she did have a few things working in her favor. To begin, during her time in high school she was on the softball team and learned how to efficiently swing a bat. Second, she was armed with a baseball bat in both hands.

A formidable grandmother who should not be trifled with. But this granny wasn’t in the mood to joke around. She did more to him than simply threaten him, according to Mosley’s accusations. She used the bat to deliver a heavy blow to the back of his skull. She shows how he clutched his head while yelling “Ow!” and displays how he did it. The guy started out sprinting in the direction of a mobile home park that was quite a distance away. Not the brightest bulb in the box.

You see, Mosley forgot all of his clothing at this grandma’s place, with the exception of the boxers he was wearing at the time.

Therefore, with the assistance of a police dog, the authorities were successful in locating him. When he was discovered, he was wearing a new pair of trousers, and the pockets of those pants contained cocaine. He was taken into custody after the granny had positively identified him. Mosley was arrested for burglary and possession of drugs as soon as he arrived at the prison. As for this lady, she said that the man should consider himself fortunate that she did not have a gun. That would have resulted in an altogether different ending considering how expertly this granny, who was 65 years old at the time, handled the issue with a bat. It’s a blessing that this granny was able to take care of herself, but unfortunately, other folks could not have had such good fortune. View the whole footage of the terrifying experience by clicking on the video below. Please DISCUSS this with your loved ones and close friends.

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