Children are indeed a gift from God to their parents. They are little packages of happiness, and there are times when having more of them makes everyone happier. When they find out they are going to be parents, couples experience overwhelming joy. After all, children are a sign of their marriage and serve as a constant reminder of the love and happiness that couples experience together. The majority of individuals make the decision these days not to have as many children as they did in previous generations. But every once in a while, married couples are hit with some really shocking revelations.

The majority of parents these days do not hold out until their kid is born before discovering whether they are going to have a boy or a girl. At different points during the pregnancy, an ultrasound is performed to check on the health of the unborn child as well as to determine whether or not the child will be a boy or a girl. Because of this, the parents will have an easier time correctly planning their nursery and other aspects of their child’s life. Even if the parents don’t care about knowing the gender of their kid, they are often overjoyed at the news that their child is healthy.

The following video is going to blow the minds of the parents who are watching it. This video was captured when we were in the labor and delivery room. Throughout the whole event, the father was both recording and being videotaped himself. The happy couple had just completed the remarkable feat of giving birth to five healthy baby daughters at once. However, an unexpected occurrence occurred when she was giving birth to the last child. When the father peered down, he saw that the newest addition to the family was a little boy.

A newborn boy must have seemed like the missing piece of the puzzle for this couple, who had previously been blessed with five little daughters. The father couldn’t contain his joy, and he just had to take a few minutes to have a seat.

Watch the video below…

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