While serving in the military, having a trustworthy buddy by your side may be one of the most satisfying and beautiful things that can happen to you. This is especially true during intense battles, when your life is always in danger.

The purpose of bringing this carefully trained canine into the conflict zone was so that it could participate in certain special operations right there. He was tasked with finding a firearm or any other potentially hazardous object in the surrounding areas.

However, the canine companion’s mission shifted when he was called upon to save the lives of certain individuals whose own lives were in jeopardy. During the intense battles that were taking place, the puppy put his own life in peril in order to rescue a woman’s life.

As soon as he saw a guy was preparing to shoot a lady, he launched himself at him in an aggressive manner. There was a fight going on right now. At the very end, everyone who was there observed that the doggy had pretty terrible wounds from what had happened.

As a consequence of this, his legs had to be amputated, yet it was still able to preserve his life.

By Elen

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