What about cats? It’s common knowledge that dogs can save the day, and even their owners’ lives at times, but what about cats? It’s not only dogs that can save the day.

In point of fact, when a stray gunshot entered the window of a family’s home, Opie the cat absorbed the bullet himself, protecting his human owner, who was only three years old at the time.

According to Fox 8 News, Angelica Snipe’s tranquil night was shattered this past Thursday when a bullet pierced through the glass of her house and got perilously near to where her kid was lying on the sofa. The incident occurred while Angelica Snipe was home alone with her child.

When she ran over to check on him, she saw that he was sound asleep, but her cat, Opie, was sprawled out on the floor. She was concerned about both of them. Opie had been shot, and Angelica was aware of this fact.

Angelica is certain that if it weren’t for her cat, her kid would have been injured instead. Angelica did not agree with the veterinarian that Opie should be put to sleep and so he asked her again.

After Opie had saved her son’s life, she made up her mind to do something to show her thanks to him.

“I was doing all in my power to rescue him.” I feel obligated to keep him around since my kid looked up to him as his personal idol. Angelica described her encounter to the Fox 8 News crew.

There are many other courageous cats besides Opie in the world. It’s possible that cats, like the one that woke up her family in the middle of the night to stop an intruder, or the cat who got an award for being the most heroic… dog, are just as capable as dogs of coming to the rescue in a crisis situation. Be cautious, dogs. Even domestic cats have the ability to defend themselves.

Inspiring both Opie’s courage and his family’s drive to keep him alive and fight despite his injuries were Opie’s family’s determination to keep him alive and fight. We can only hope that Opie will have a speedy recovery so that he can spend a lot of time with his little kid.

By Elen

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