The majority of people do not believe that it is their responsibility to provide care for the homeless children and teenagers who are living on the streets. But a selfless man has taken matters into his own hands and has been feeding stray cats every day for over 22 years. This man has been doing this for over 22 years.

Willie Ortiz is a 76-year-old man who lives in Hartford, Connecticut. He is retired and collects scrap metal in his spare time. Since he moved into this house 22 years ago, he has never missed a single day of feeding the stray cats. Even when it is pouring rain, there is snow on the ground, or the temperature is below zero, he still goes outside to gather scrap metal in order to pay for the food and other necessities. Willie takes excellent care of them, ensuring that they have food and water each night and that they are spayed and neutered so that the stray population doesn’t get out of hand.

He began providing food for the stray cats after seeing people ignoring a hungry kitten in the hope that it would eventually be fed. Willie said, “People were pushing it away, and I could tell that it needed attention.” “People were pushing it away.” “I know these cats can’t understand my accent, but I need to do something.” “I know these cats can’t understand my accent.” After that day, he made the decision that caring for street cats would be his primary focus for the rest of his life.

Despite the fact that he is sick, Willie continues to put in a lot of effort to make sure that the cats have enough food to eat. Willie starts his day by driving about and collecting scraps that he may later sell. And while the most of us would have gone straight home from work to lay back and relax in the evening, Willie would have gone outside to check on the cats and give them a delectable meal consisting of cat biscuits and sardines. The cats that he takes care of are in excellent health and get a balanced diet.

Willie not only provides food for the cats on a daily basis, but he also helps wounded or unwell cats and transports them to veterinary clinics so that they may get the necessary medical attention.

Willie claims that his job, despite the fact that it is very challenging, is his life and that it is the source of his genuine happiness. Willie has said that he plans to keep feeding the cats for as long as he is able to.

Last year, a woman named Kathleen Schlentz took note of the incredible job that Willie was doing and made the decision to establish a GoFundMe page in order to assist Willie in purchasing more food for the cats. On the fundraiser, which has raised more than $295,000. it has beyond its goal, but you may still donate money toward this cause. We hope individuals thɑt ƅelieᴠe in Willie’s cɑuse will keep donɑtinɡ.

“Presently he feeds 16 colonies of stray and feral cats, a total of 68 cats, every night, 365 days a year, and he has never missed a night in 22 years,” Kathleen Schlentz said in a GoFundMe post. “He does this 365 days a year and never misses a night.” He ensures that they have all they need so that they may have as good a life as possible.

People like Willie, whose daily acts of kindness contribute to making the world a better place, are exactly what the world needs more of.

Willie goes outside in all weather to feed the cats, and he has been seen standing with them in rain, sleet, snow, and strong winds. He does this because the cats depend on him. Willie has the answer to the question of why he does what he does, which causes some people to wonder why he does what he does.

He said, “People ask me why I feed them every day, or they tell me that I give them too much.” He also said, “I don’t know why I do it.” In answer, he said, “Do you eat every day, yes or no?” You eat three meals, whereas others only consume food once every twenty-four hours.

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