In the midst of the storm, a hero of a guy saved the lives of three little children who were in danger of drowning. And in the end, not only was he successful in saving the kittens, but he was also successful in reuniting them with their mother.

According to what he said on Imgur, “They were trapped in around 3-4 inches of water.” “I’ve been pleading with mommy to let me meet them,” she said.

He was well aware that he needed to take some action in order to make an effort to rescue these kittens before it was much too late to do so.

“Mom had them in a flower bed up against the house,” the child said. She was unaware that the water level was increasing at such a rapid rate.

He was eventually successful in seizing each of the kittens one at a time and yanking them away to safety. After then, the dude took it one step farther. He then placed them in a bathtub, obtained some towels, and made an effort to dry them off as thoroughly as possible.

The guy was confronted with one more challenge after that, which he had to resolve.

There was no sign of the mother cat yet inside. She was understandably anxious and tense, but she was reassured by the fact that her children were safe and sound inside the home.

Finally, the guy was successful in persuading the mother cat to enter inside the home.

She was able to hear the meowing of her kittens, which of course was one factor that contributed to her decision to go inside.

The cherished family was brought back together after a long separation.

She was such a doting mother that she didn’t waste any time in getting down to the serious business of feeding her kittens before she started cleaning up after them.

The savior went on to say that the mother cat and her kittens were in excellent health this morning.

The guy is in the process of sorting things out so that the mother cat may be spayed as soon as the kittens have been safely weaned off their milk.

In the end, he made the decision to adopt the mother cat together with one of her kittens, and one of his clients gave their consent to take the other two kittens.

After a while, when the mother cat had adjusted to her new environment and no longer felt the need to hide, she emerged from her hiding spot and approached her new owner as if to express her gratitude for all he had done for her.

The relieved mother showed her gratitude to her human buddy by giving her some extra loving hugs and kisses, as if she were trying to convey in her own unique manner, “Thank you for rescuing my kids.”

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