Every day, Beauty and the other 150 dogs at the refuge waited for a family to adopt them and give them a forever home. She would wag her tail in eager expectation and excitement each time anybody walked by her cage. However, Beauty never saw that day come to pass.

This past summer, to make things even more difficult, Beauty was diagnosed with leishmaniasis, a condition caused by parasites. They were unable to allow her to remain at the shelter while she was ill, so they transported her to Athens to dwell in a foster family there, where she would at long last get the medical attention that she required.

The most wonderful thing is that Beauty won’t ever have to go back to being forced to live in a kennel again. She is going to remain in the foster home for the foreseeable future, but she is still looking for a forever home.

She will continue to get treatment throughout this interim period. She is doing considerably better and is feeling a lot better as well! Zaira, the woman who takes care of her foster dogs and has a big heart, is always taking in the sickest canines she can find and trying to nurse them back to health. Unfortunately, a good many of them have passed away, but Beauty has truly shown that she is a real fighter. She surpassed all expectations and managed to survive despite the fact that she was incredibly frail and did not seem to have much of a chance of doing so.

She was given a second chance at life, but now she is searching for a permanent residence with a family that would love her without condition. She needs their undying affection. After all that she has gone through, she is a very kind and lovely puppy, and she definitely deserves a happy ending to her story.

By Elen

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