This poor puppy was rescued from an empty lot in Ontario, Canada, located just behind a tire company (Canada).

Tape was used to secure the paws and muzzle in a tight knot.

As a direct result of this, the dog’s muzzle is already somewhat bloated, and the dog is totally spent.

She was in imminent danger of passing away if she hadn’t been located in time.

The vets said that the cost had already been tallied up on the computer.

The Windsor and Essex County Humane Society, which was the organization that took in the dog, carried out an investigation and learned the specifics of this heinous crime.

As it turned out, the owners of a dog called Justice who was seven years old made the decision to surrender her to an animal shelter so that she might be put down there.

Due to the fact that their granddaughter was found to be allergic to animals, they were unable to continue keeping the dog inside the home.

They paid the guy for the shelter, and they handed the dog to the man in exchange.

However, the wicked guy chose to keep the money for himself and, rather of bringing the dog to the shelter, he did this horrible thing to the sad animal.

However, the dog was discovered by mistake and sent to the veterinarian, which prompted an inquiry, which ultimately led to the whereabouts of the guy.

At the conclusion of the trial, the judge read down the most severe decision, which included a life sentence, a prohibition against having animals, and even a restriction against living in close proximity to them.

Even though the rules against animal cruelty in Ontario are the most stringent in all of Canada, many people were nonetheless startled by such a tough court judgment, and animal activists were thrilled by it.

There was a significant amount of public reaction to the case.

When Justice was finally brought to the attention of veterinarians, her condition was worse than appalling.

The dog was unable to breathe properly, and the scotch tape had caused a deep and permanent scar on her nose and muzzle as a result.

In the end, the dog’s well-being was restored by the efforts of the veterinarians and the kind community.

By Elen

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